Table for Two

Tantalizing tastes of Thailand now in East Rockaway


Exhibit Thai Eatery

10 Davison Plaza, East Rockaway

(516) 599-8881,

While Exhibit Thai Eatery is only in its second month, it seems to be running seamlessly. Owner, Aun, originally from Bangkok, is completely hands-on, from joining his chef to cook, getting to know customers, and even doing a delivery if need be.

Food at Exhibit can rival any Thai cuisine I’ve encountered. The menu is expansive and portions are generous. But more importantly, whatever we tried – a wide variety of styles and flavors – was delicious, and presentations were exquisite. Dining space is intimate; there are maybe eight tables.

Appetizers and salads range from $4 to $8. Soups are $5 to $10. Wok & Curry items (choice of chicken, beef, tofu, vegetable, mock duck, shrimp, squid or seafood), are $11 to $14. Specials are $12 to $19. A variety of sides, like Crispy Roti, Sticky Rice or Sautéed Mushrooms are $2 to $5, and desserts are $5 to $8. Lunch Specials, which include a soup, salad or soda, are $7 and $8.

Thai Iced Tea was a true treat – red tea mixed with condensed milk, sweet and smooth. We sampled a myriad of appetizers joined by three dipping sauces – crunchy peanut, sweet chili, and garlic soy. Crispy Spring Rolls were spot on. Steamed Vegetable Dumplings, similar to dim sum, were delicate yet flavorful. Taro Pancakes and Chive Pancakes were each unique, served with different sauces. Thai Meatballs, made with chicken and ground beef, wore a spicy sriracha sauce.

Most entrees (unless noodle or rice-based) come with jasmine rice. Beef Basil boasted tender slices of steak stir-fried with peppers, green beans, onions and chili puree, finished in Thai basil sauce. Shrimp Pad Thai, a traditional rice noodle dish, was tossed with egg, scallions, sprouts, and tamarind, topped with large shrimp, sprinkled with peanut bits. Massaman Duck offered half a duck with vegetables in spicy curry sauce. We were wowed by the flavors in Tamarind Duck – crisp duck over sautéed vegetables in sweet chili sauce.

Aun explained that since the temperatures in Thailand often climb to three-digits, the people opt for cold desserts. So just about anything you order includes ice cream. We dug into Fried Vanilla Ice Cream – a coated, crunchy ball served over drizzles of syrup…really pretty and so refreshing!

Take-out and catering is available. Free delivery is offered to about 2.5 miles away. You can order online or by phone. Right now the restaurant is open 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday, but that may change, so call to verify. Reservations are suggested.


■ Thai Iced Tea

■ Crispy Spring Roll

■ Steam Vegetable Dumplings

■ Thai Meatballs

■ Chive Pancake

■ Taro Pancake

■ Beef Basil

■ Shrimp Pad Thai Noodle

■ Tamarind Duck

■ Massaman Duck

■ Fried Vanilla Ice Cream