Where are Glen Cove's kids going to college?

A look at the class of 2018's college enrollment plans


The Herald Gazette sends our congratulations to the Glen Cove School District class of 2018! Many of the graduating students will be going off to college next year, and we wanted to explore exactly where they would be going.

The chart below shows the graduating seniors’ college picks, by undergraduate class size horizontally, and tuition vertically. The size of the circles represents the number of Glen Cove students attending each school. Of the 185 students enrolled in a college next year, 132 of them, or about 71 percent, will be going to SUNY or CUNY schools, about 78 of whom will be attending Nassau Community College. The average tuition for the first year of college for the class of 2018 is about $8,080, and the total bill for the nearly 200 freshmen will be just over $1.5 million.