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Sanitation workers clean ‘Beautiful Baldwin’


All Sanitary District No. 2 employees were out covering their routes during and after the snowstorm on Feb. 1, Commissioner Jerry Brown said in a statement.

The district resumed full collection last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, only delaying pickup services on Feb. 2 because of safety concerns.

Although street clean up does not fall under the jurisdiction of Sani 2, Brown said, when manpower and work load permit, Sani 2 workers are sent to target areas for litter removal throughout Baldwin, South Hempstead and Roosevelt.

Crewmembers removed trash and debris from the streets last month.

Graffiti removal also continues throughout the season, Brown added.

To report graffiti, litter or other quality of life issues, call Sanitary District No. 2 at (516) 223-3207.