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Re-elect Montesano in the 15th Assembly District


For the past decade, State Assemblyman Michael Montesano, a Republican from Glen Head, has expertly served the constituents of the 15th District. His experience as a New York City police detective, teacher and attorney has combined to provide an excellent foundation for leadership and policy-making, and the Herald Gazette endorses his re-election.

To help facilitate an economic recovery in his district from the devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Montesano focuses on specifics. Organizations have different recovery needs, whether it be tax or regulatory relief or direct financial assistance, and he wants to help businesses and nonprofits get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Montesano has also been a vocal proponent of public water on the North Shore, listening to residents and advocating for them in the Assembly. A bill that would establish a public water authority in the area, which made its way through the State Senate this summer, had his full support, and he said he would advocate for a corresponding bill in the Assembly. His plan to work with community members at public meetings shows that he is dedicated not only to giving them what they need, but also to help guide them through what could be a substantial change in their lives. This focus on public engagement has been a theme throughout Montesano’s tenure, and he has proven to be as accessible as any elected official we know.

Ensuring the safety and security of his constituents has also been a priority of Montesano’s in his years in the Assembly. He told us that more needs to be done about bail reform in New York state, because while some criminal justice policies are antiquated, the public is understandably concerned about keeping dangerous criminal defendants in custody. Given Montesano’s expertise on both sides of the criminal justice system, few are more qualified than he is to help reform it.

Joseph Sackman, Montesano’s challenger, was an impressive candidate, especially given his lack of political experience. We were especially impressed by his desire to focus on reducing the presence of emerging contaminant chemicals in Long Island’s water, something which has caught the public eye over the last year. We encourage him to gather experience by running for local office.

The Herald Gazette encourages voters to show Montesano their support next Tuesday.