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Re-elect Kevin Thomas in 6th Senate District


Kevin Thomas hit the ground running when he took office in the 6th Senate District, and has proven himself to be a worthy asset to his constituents and the State Senate. 

He has tackled longstanding issues including housing discrimination, consumer privacy and oversight of education; attacked the coronavirus pandemic on multiple fronts to provide relief to all who are being affected; and is at the forefront of many quality-of-life improvements for district residents.

Throughout the pandemic, Thomas, a Democrat from Levittown, has worked to bring testing sites to the district. He has secured funds for a number of food and PPE distribution centers. And he has hosted virtual town halls and webinars on a number of topics, including unemployment, mortgage relief, grant applications and story time for elementary school students. 

Thomas is addressing the issue of housing discrimination — one that has plagued Long Island for decades — by holding public hearings aimed at increasing accountability among real estate agents. He authored legislation appointing a school monitor to the Hempstead School District, a needed improvement to enhance student performance and graduation rates by providing state oversight of the district’s fiscal and educational policies. He prioritizes the needs of his constituents as chairman of the Senate Consumer Protection Committee, and the New York Privacy Act that he sponsored gives residents more control over their data and privacy.

One of his main priorities moving forward is to alleviate the decades-long financial challenges facing Nassau University Medical Center, and we believe he has the drive and capability to do it.

Thomas’s Republican challenger, Hempstead Town Councilman Dennis Dunne Sr., of Levittown, has few ideas of his own and too often defaults to his party’s talking points. While he has said he would be willing to work with those across the aisle, he has not said how he would achieve bipartisanship. We believe he has been a valuable asset to the town, and encourage him to continue his work there.

Libertarian candidate Jonathan Gunther has a keen understanding of the issues, and fresh ideas on how to tackle them. He should stay involved in politics, but the Herald’s enthusiastic choice in the 6th District is Thomas.