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Malverne High School student honored at New York History Day


Two Malverne High School students took part in the New York History Day competition at the state level. High school students Geoffrey Enwere and Kyle Sayjoan submitted research papers to the senior category on the theme of “Breaking Barriers in History.” Sayjoan wrote about the loyalty of Japanese-Americans in internment camps who heroically served in WWII. Enwere’s research paper focused on La Malinche, an enslaved Aztec woman who became a respected adviser to Cortés during the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

As a result of their submissions, Enwere placed among the top 10 students in New York state. The students’ topics were inspired by their social studies classes along with school library databases and other school resources to prepare for the statewide contest. District officials congratulated Enwere on this achievement.

Courtesy Malverne School District; compiled by Nakeem Grant