Glen Head business association gets long-awaited rebrand


What’s in a name? For members of the Glen Head-Glenwood Landing Business Association, some of whom own businesses outside the two hamlets, the right name is everything. This was the central focus of the organization’s rebranding unveiling on Aug. 15, at which it debuted its new name. After more than 40 years, the group will now be called the Gold Coast Business Association.

“Believe it or not, this has been worked on for about two years,” said Deborah Gordon, who took over as president of the organization around the same time. In her five years as a member, she has seen major growth in the association’s membership to more than 150 business owners from all over the North Shore.

“People would say, ‘What about us?’ so we started listening to the feedback we were getting from some of the members in other areas,” Gordon said. “And we decided that we’d try to change the name.”

The journey to the rebrand

Last year, Glen Head resident Gabriella Palmieri became a member of the business association, bringing with her six years’ experience as a creative marketing specialist.

“My experience is in helping people get their message across to a consumer or a target audience in the simplest way possible,” Palmieri explained. “So after speaking with Deb, I thought there might be some improvements that could be made.”

The association voted to include Palmieri on its board of directors, and then went to work on a plan for a complete rebrand. “We started discussing what we thought we could do to better our communication, our perception and our aesthetic,” Palmieri explained.

What’s different

When Palmieri revealed the new logo at the unveiling, it was met with “oohs” and “wows.”

The aesthetic of the Gold Coast Business Association is one that is friendly and more modern. Its new logo depicts a setting sun over a shoreline, making it clear that the organization is active in a coastal area. The image will be featured on the association’s website, which is also getting a redesign, as well as on stickers, stationery and members’ business cards.

“We wanted a consistent branding, because we want people to know that we do a lot of different things for the community,” Palmieri said. “It helps people remember who you are and how you’re trying to help.”

The revamped website is clean and simple, with a colorful layout that is easy to navigate. A new login feature allows current members to register for business association events and network with potential customers, while the “Become a Member” tab informs prospective members about the benefits of being part of the association. The rebranding will also include a social media strategy intended to help connect the association with younger entrepreneurs in the area.

Reactions so far

Gordon said that the initial feedback from the rebranding has been positive. “The members seem really excited that we’re changing our logo and our colors, and that we’re coming up with a new website that’s going to be more interactive for the community,” she said. “Our website has always been really good for members, but it never branched out to consumers.”

Palmieri added that a main focus of the rebranding was to help the community get to know the business association better, and vice versa. “We’ve developed a whole structure for our community, so they can easily know what we have to offer,” she said. “What that does for the businesses is gives them a bit more of a stage to present what they have.”

Sea Cliff resident Kathleen DiResta, who owns an art and jewelry store in the village, said she appreciated the inclusiveness of the organization’s new name. “I believe it could potentially attract more members,” she said. “Being part of the group gives us an opportunity to meet and connect with people that we wouldn’t have otherwise, and it’s a great way to promote each other.”

And although the brand of the business association has changed, its motto has not. “Always shop small and shop local,” Gordon said.

The new website is