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Chamber’s first Easter egg hunt draws hundreds


“Keep it in the Meadow” is a new mantra about the importance of shopping local, coined by Richie Krug Jr., the secretary of the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce. He saw his community do just that on April 13, when he co-chaired the chamber’s inaugural Easter egg hunt at Veterans Memorial Park.

The idea sparked between chamber members roughly two weeks prior “and me and James Skinner just took it and ran with it,” Krug said. “Within 14 days it went from concept to execution.”

Over 300 were in attendance and children searched for 2,000 eggs that were filled with candy by businesses in the community, such as the 711 on East Meadow Avenue. The grand prize: eight golden eggs filled with gift certificates to local restaurants.

“It’s awesome to have the community and have the business community come together for events like this,” Krug said. “Every year this is hopefully gonna get better and better.”

This was also the first event Krug spearheaded with the chamber. His fellow chamber members did not hesitate to lend him advice, he said, and community members offered feedback on how to improve for the next year.

The day consisted of two hunts separated by age, balloon animals, a magic show, face painting and a visit from the Easter bunny, played by Julia Yerganian, 15, who is Krug’s wife’s cousin.

Krug and Skinner publicized the event across the chamber’s social media accounts, while Frank Camarano Jr. and Dolores Rome helped them secure a park permit. And, despite the downpour the previous night, the park’s department ensured the area was dry and ready for spring.

While the morning was still shrouded in clouds and mist, the sun peaked out ten minutes before the hunt.

“It’s so great to have a platform like the chamber, with people who work, live and play in the community,” Krug said. “The only thing I could say is to remember to shop local. Keep it in the Meadow.”