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Abrahams all the way in the 1st L.D.


If there were a handbook on “how to be a legislator” in the 1st District, Kevan Abrahams would be the one to write it. He has paid his dues and taken the time to understand the community’s needs. After 16 years in the Legislature, he remains an effective lawmaker, and that is why we endorse him over his opponent, Republican newcomer Cherice Vanderhall.

Abrahams approaches issues locally and countywide. On a district level, he has worked hard to ensure that key infrastructure is rebuilt, in particular the Grand Avenue Complete Streets Program that includes a portion of Merrick Road. He has also focused on park rehabilitation in the district, including securing $2.3 million for Centennial Park in Roosevelt, and plans to rehabilitate other parks.

On a county level, Abrahams is working on a contractor fraud bill that would require construction companies and workers to obtain licenses before doing any work in Nassau County. The bill, he said, is just plain common sense, particularly after the high numbers of contractors who ripped off many Hurricane Sandy victims. Fourth District Legislator Denise Ford, a Republican from Long Beach, co-sponsored the bill.

Both Abrahams and Vanderhall agreed that the Nassau County Hub should benefit surrounding communities. By investing locally, jobs are created, and both said construction jobs should provide salaries that enable workers to live here.

While Vanderhall was knowledgeable about district and county issues, Abrahams demonstrated greater understanding. Vanderhall should consider running for public office again, but not against Abrahams.

Voters should choose Abrahams when voting.