Rum Runners of L.I. remembered


The Seaford Historical Society welcomed Jonathan Olly, Assistant Curator at the Long Island Museum of American Art in Stony Brook, to take audience members back in time to the era of Prohibition.

On Thursday, March 1, Olly spoke to the audience about the Rum Runners of Long Island, at a time when Seaford was an active seaport and easy access to various waterfronts led to cash crops in fishing and recovering oysters.

The SHS is a registered non-profit organization that maintains and operates the Seaford Historical Museum for the benefit of the Long Island community. It’s funded by grants, fundraisers, dues and donations. The building that is home to the Historical Society originally served as a school when it was built in 1893. It has since been moved twice. The Museum houses much memorabilia of Seaford as a bay and farming town.