Dealing with Adult Dog Baby Teeth


My dog has baby teeth in his mouth even though he is a few years old. Do they need to come out?

When an adult dog has baby teeth that remain in their mouth past puppyhood they have retained deciduous teeth. This is a much more common problem with small breed dogs then with large breed dogs.

The deciduous teeth tend to fall out by around six months of age but with small breed dog such as Yorkies Maltese says and Chihuahua was sometimes they never fall out.

A pet owner should aim to have these deciduous teeth removed when your pet is spayed or neutered because to remove them does require anesthesia.if they are left in the deciduous teeth will cause increased gingivitis and debris will get caught between the retained baby tooth and the adult tooth.

The best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. A baby tooth that is retained does need to come out. If your pet is an adult the likelihood that it will fall out on it's own is not likely.

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