Residents criticize change in plan for former Long Beach Medical Center property

Long Beach residents called on members of the City Council and other elected officials at Tuesday’s council meeting to push South Nassau Communities Hospital to stick to its initial plan of …

Union, nursing homes agree

Wantagh resident Vanissa Fernandez has been a member of United Healthcare Workers East for the past 10 years. As a recreational therapist at a nursing home in Woodbury, she and two colleagues are responsible for 48 patients.

Ryder gives opioid, safety update

Dozens of first responders, firefighters, police officers, parents, high school and college students and other community members came to the Wantagh Fire Department on Nov. 29 to hear Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder and his colleagues discuss the county’s fight against opioid abuse, as well as school safety and the school resource program against active shooters.

Islanders victorious in return to Coliseum

With all due respect to the opinion of American novelist Thomas Wolfe, the New York Islanders and their fired-up fan base have proven you wrong. You can, indeed, go home again.

Hewlett Happenings

Thinking of break time, Cabaret Night and hosting the Danes

The four full weeks of school between Thanksgiving and December break are often the most difficult and strenuous weeks of the year for Hewlett High School students. With multiple tests in each …

Randi Kreiss

Nipping sexism in the bud, all over again

Does the latest sexist outrage mean we have to start burning our bras again?

Alfonse D'Amato

Strangers to the truth?

We’re hearing a lot lately from a couple of former FBI officials who both claim to have held the highest moral ground in their respective public careers. Neither one of them measures up . . .