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Oceansiders show compassion for essential workers via virtual message board


Oceanside School District staff, students and community members are showing their appreciation for essential workers with a virtual bulletin board.

Diane Provvido, the district’s assistant superintendent of curriculum, instruction and research, launched the online message board this week. It now has about 65 contributors and counting.

“We are hoping that everyone who falls into the ‘essential worker’ category sees how much their work is appreciated in our community,” said Donna Kraus, the district’s public information officer.

The notes all thank health care workers, first responders, food service workers, mail delivery workers, journalists, teachers and more for their essential work during the time of social distancing to stop the spread of coronavirus. People also posted colorful photos and pictures of signs that children in the district have made.

“Both my parents work at hospitals,” wrote student Natalie Peredo. “Sometimes I get worried they are going to get sick, but I understand that they love their profession and I think very positive that they won't get sick.

“That is why I want to thank all the healthcare workers, grocery workers, sanitation workers, fireman, police and many more jobs that help out our community,” she wrote. “Thank you and stay safe.”