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College grads from the North Shore seek jobs in a pandemic

The task of entering the workforce is inherently daunting, but the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are adding new obstacles to this already difficult process.

Wedding bells for an Oyster Bay couple amidst the coronavirus

The bride wore white, a dress she bought on the internet, and her wedding band was her grandmother’s. The groom’s ring arrived in the mail courtesy of his father, who lives in Arizona. And a friend brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers because the florists were all closed. When the actual ceremony was held it was beautiful, even amidst the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps because love conquers all.

Glen Cove Hospital visitation reopens with new guidelines

Glen Cove Hospital has resumed visitation hours with guidelines to keep employees, patients and visitors safe.

New drive-in movie series for children on Wednesdays

After hosting a successful drive-in movie series in June, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and the Town Board have approved a new drive-in movies series for children this July and August.

Doggies indulge in whipped cream for a good cause  

A “Puppuccino,” a free cup of whipped cream, can be ordered at select Starbucks for dogs and it’s a big hit among canines. Nassau County Legislator Josh Lafazan, a dog-lover, wanted to bring the dog-friendly treat to the North Shore for a good cause.

Oyster Bay Preschool celebrates 40 years in the hamlet

With a Mister Softie truck on standby for a post-ceremony celebration, Oyster Bay Preschool held a graduation car parade on June 18 that started on 60 East Main and Pearl streets and continued onto the First Presbyterian Church parking lot.

Show your patriotic spirit and win a beach pass

The Town of Oyster Bay is asking residents to express their patriotism in advance of the upcoming Independence Day holiday.


Why we must commemorate Juneteenth

On April 9, 1865, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia, ending the Civil War . . .


Mark July Fourth by reading the Declaration

Next week, the Herald Community Newspapers will publish the Declaration of Independence and a likeness of the American flag. The Declaration will appear . . .


Include Home Stability Support in the recovery phase

Stable neighborhoods are the backbone of every community. But in places like New York state, where housing costs continue to rise dramatically, housing stability is threatened for far too many . . .

Send the Herald your stories, photos of how you're coping with the coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has vastly altered our daily routines. Parents are at home. Children are at home. College students are at home. All must stay put, we are told, for now. People are making …