Trading spaces for Bayville’s beloved birds

Fighting the brisk winds that rolled off the shores of West Harbor Beach on Feb. 28, PSEG crew members, suspended 40 feet in the air in a pair of cherry pickers, attempted to transfer a tangle of …

New Roosevelt exhibit geared to reach all learners

The world was rapidly changing during Theodore Roosevelt’s lifetime, and he enthusiastically embraced it. He was the first president to leave the U.S. He was also the first president to drive a …

U.S Rep. Tom Suozzi and Laura Curran introduce workforce development task force

“We’re here today to talk about the future of Long Island,” U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi, a Democrat from Glen Cove, said at the Composite Prototyping Center in Plainview on Feb. 21. Standing alongside …

Oyster Bay was a trailblazer of equality during turbulent times

Former Oyster Bay resident Vann Johnson shared his father’s life story on Feb. 10 as part of Oyster Bay Historical Society’s celebration of Black History Month. Van Dyke “Billy” Johnson, who …

Unlocking the mind by playing a game or two

Adam Nagy, 8, gripped a black magic marker, his other hand engaged in managing his mop of curly red hair. He wanted to find a space on the large sheet of paper hanging on the wall to add to an …

Children enjoy Chinese New Year at the Locust Valley Library

Chinese New Year officially began Feb. 5 but because it’s never too early to have fun the Locust Valley Library held its celebration for children a bit earlier, on Feb 2. It is the Year of the Pig, …


Challenges ahead for Democratic Senate

As New York Democrats look ahead to two years of majority control of the State Senate — and the Assembly and the governor’s mansion — they should also remember the past and learn from their predecessors’ mistakes.

Scott Brinton

Trump’s border wall math doesn’t add up

At least the federal government’s Santa tracker remained after a partial government shutdown last week, forced by President Trump’s stubborn insistence that Congress allocate $5 billion in funding for his wall to separate the United States and Mexico.

Randi Kreiss

Shut the door on 2018. Nail that sucker shut.

We aren’t so much leaping into the New Year as we are fleeing the old one.