Register now for the Mepham Fall Kickline Clinic

Come dance with the Mepham Pipettes, who are hosting their annual Fall Kickline Clinic, where your child can learn what it takes to be a member of a high school dance team. Various forms of dance will be taught, and your child will perform what they learned at the end of the clinic.

Merrick Jewish Centre welcomes new assistant rabbi

On Aug. 1, the Merrick Jewish Centre welcomed its new assistant rabbi, Jack Dermer. According to Centre officials, Dermer “hit the ground running,” with a moving Shabbat at the Beach, and an …

Safety and the 2nd

In the 'golden hour of survival'

It takes a roomful of cool heads and years of expertise to treat a gunshot wound. Even then, adrenaline runs high among emergency department staff, and the patient is never guaranteed to live — no matter where the bullet wound is on the body.

North Merrick school pilots Google technology

The Old Mill Road Elementary School in the North Merrick School District was selected to be one of the first schools to participate in the Google Expedition Pioneers Program and pilot augmented …

North Merrick thanks its Board of Education

The North Merrick School District thanked the Board of Education – President Wendy Gargiulo, Vice President John Pinto, and Trustees Edward Corona, Steve Enella, Jennifer Hyland, Tracey Miller, and Todd Ransom – at the November 14th Board of Education meeting as part of School Board Recognition Week.


The enemies at our gates: gangs and pushers

Since last October, Nassau County police have identified the bodies of six teenagers who were hacked to death with machetes by members of the El Salvadoran gang MS-13. After the most recent discovery of remains . . .

Randi Kreiss

Leaving Mom at the schoolhouse door

I suggested that my granddaughter put out her school clothes for her first day back at school as a fourth-grader. When I popped into her room at bedtime . . .

John C. O'Connell

‘No day shall erase you from the memory of time’

Next week is the 17th Sept. 11 since Al Qaeda terrorists attacked the United States, flying airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and crashing in a Pennsylvania field. Schools and villages will, I hope . . .