Letter to the Oceanside, Island Park Editor

He stands by artificial-turf fields


To the Editor:

Re “Oceanside High School turf field passes test despite lawsuit against maker” (Oct. 4-10):

This article paints a misleading picture of FieldTurf’s products and how they have performed, and includes inaccurate statements about the company.

We are proud of our track record of taking care of our customers. It’s no coincidence that the article contained four positive quotes about our fields from four different school system superintendents in the area. Our fields on Long Island have performed well, and many are still in use past their eight-year warranty, including fields mentioned by the Herald: Oceanside High School (12 years), Wantagh High (10 years), Seaford High (nine years) and Island Trees High (eight years).

Additionally, to be accurate, FieldTurf did not lose a class- action lawsuit. A federal judge denied an initial motion to dismiss at the beginning of the proceedings — and, in fact, partially granted FieldTurf’s motion to dismiss. Second, no class action has been certified by the courts — meaning that there is not yet a class-action lawsuit. Finally, it’s also worth noting that the New Jersey attorney general’s office and the Federal Trade Commission have both closed investigations into FieldTurf without finding any wrongdoing.

We stand by the facts and our reputation, and we appreciate the support and continued business of our many customers on Long Island.

Eric Daliere

CEO and president

Fieldturf USA

Calhoun, Ga.