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Long Island businesses left in limbo by pandemic

Long Island business owners, particularly its restaurateurs, are feeling anxious and confused once again after a four-month period of relative calm following last spring’s deadly local outbreak …

Long Island advocates demand justice in police brutality cases

Black women were front and center at the latest Black Lives Matter protest outside the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building in Mineola on Sept. 24.


Vaccine distribution needs improvement

The rollout of New York state’s Covid-19 vaccine distribution has been, at times, disorganized, even chaotic, but in fairness, the state has received a mere 300,000 doses per week, while the need is significantly greater than that . . .


We can’t overlook the hardships of our L.I. neighbors

When I first came to the Herald in January to cover Long Beach, I took in what most others see — the fine beaches, the beautiful boardwalk, the tony restaurants on Park Avenue and the cool, funky bars on the West End. But the coronavirus peeled back the layers fast . . .

Randi Kreiss

Saying goodbye to a force of nature on four paws

In our family, we love our dogs wildly and too well. When my daughter adopted Grandma the dog as a little pup from her local Humane Society . . .

Jerry Kremer

Next month, it’s goodbye to Trump’s rogues’ gallery

My parents, Charles and Dorothy Kremer, immigrated to this country in 1922 from Romania, anxious to enjoy the American dream. They worked hard, raised a family . . .