Herald Schools

Sea Cliff students celebrate community


Second grade students at Sea Cliff Elementary school culminated their study of communities last Friday by presenting their own, self-made communities that they created with their classmates.

The students in Danielle Hild, Maureen Lamberti, and Erin Morley’s classes came up with unique names for their communities. Hild’s students picked Inspirationland, Morley’s students appropriately chose Morley City, and Lamberti’s students named their community Humphrey Town.

Students made models of different community structures, and discussed the purpose of the structure they designed. In addition, students provided an explanation as to how their structures met the needs and wants of the people. Students then joined together as a full grade to sing songs related to the power of community.

This effort was a success due to the hard work of the students, and the collaboration of Sea Cliff School’s second grade teachers, music teacher Ashley Hasset-Bordes, and art teacher Lisa Giurlanda.

-- Provided by Chris Zublionis, principal