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RXR provides update on Garvies, Village Square


Joe Graziose, senior vice-president of residential development for RXR, the real estate firm behind Garvies Point and Village Square, visited the Glen Cove City Council at its pre-council meeting Tuesday night to provide an update on the projects and when each is slated for completion.

His partners distributed maps to city officials indicating the major features of the Garvies Point project (see rendering). The graphic also included approximate travel times between Garvies’ welcome center on Herb Hill Road and the Village Square project on School Street — eight minutes by foot, three minutes by car and four minutes by bike.

Public infrastructure

Graziose explained that the $71.6 million public infrastructure work at the Garvies Point site is being completed in multiple phases, as construction is ongoing. He said that the infrastructure between the welcome center and the ferry terminal — comprising drainage and a new bulkhead in Glen Cove Creek — has been completed. He added that a majority of drainage infrastructure has been completed on the western point of the development as well, near the site of the boat launch.

Construction of the Anglers Club launched this April, and is slated for completion around Thanksgiving, he said. Just east of the club, across the creek, is the site of the new $10 million underground sewage treatment station, which was originally proposed to lie north of the club.

“Because of some of the environmental issues on this property, and the depth of the excavation this pump station had to go, it just made more sense to shift the pump station [across the creek],” Graziose said.

Graziose said workers had completed drilling a hole between the pump station and the drainage infrastructure on the north side of the creek, and on Tuesday had installed concrete precasts there. “We intend to operate and open the pump station between September and October of this year,” he said.

Also a part of the public infrastructure work is construction of the marina support building, two gazebos at Renaissance Park and Garvies Point Park, respectively, and two restrooms facilities, one at the marina building and the other near the boat launch. The construction of the gazebos is underway, and construction on the bathrooms will begin later this year.

Graziose said he is working with outside vendors to “activate” the marina support building, or make it more viable for residents to visit. The goal is to create a hybrid location consisting of restrooms, a kayak storage facility and possibly a restaurant. “The idea is to keep the motif [and] activate the area, which we feel is important as we open here,” he said.

Residential buildings

Graziose then addressed the status of each of the residential buildings at Garvies Point. Two buildings designated as “workforce housing” at the northern point of the development, between The Place and Dixon Street, account for 10 percent of the project’s total 1,100 units. Construction on those buildings is set to begin at the end of the year.

The façade of the Beacon building, which consists of 167 luxury condos, is mostly completed, and over 50 percent of the units have been sold at price points between $700,000 and $3 million. It is slated for completion by this January, Graziose said.

On the eastern end of the development is Harbor Landing, two buildings comprising 385 luxury studio rentals. The building on the north side of Herb Hill Road, with 177 units, will be completed by September of this year; the building on the south side of Herb Hill Road, with 208 units, will be completed between November and December. Pre-leasing for the first building is set to begin as early as July; the price points for the units range between $1,950 a month and $4,200 a month.

Village Square

Village Square will include a 16,500-square-foot public plaza, restaurants, retail stores and 146 studio apartments. The project broke ground over two years ago, and is targeted to open by March 2020. Graziose said the site has attracted retailers such as Chase Bank, a drycleaners and Brewology, a Port Jefferson-based brewery.