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Resident ensures that thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer benefit Glen Cove

This past week, Glen Cove resident and Perrigo employee, Carlos Valverde, facilitated a donation of 6,528 bottles of hand sanitizers to the Glen Cove Police Department and an additional 6,528 to Glen Cove City Hall.  

Morgan Park Summer Music Festival cancels 2020 season

The committee for Morgan Park Summer Music Festival has decided to cancel its 2020 season of free concerts in the park due to the coronavirus.

Town of Oyster Bay pet owner incensed after dog is euthanized

Among the latest complaints against the Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter comes after the euthanization of an 11-year-old pit bull terrier named Midget Mac that had escaped from his Massapequa home.

Business owners want to reserve 2-hour parking spots by School Street

Business leaders and owners have been working for about a year to make sure street level parking spots in the free parking garage on Brewster Street would be made available for clients of School Street businesses and medical practices.

‘Wine fairies’ bring fun to North Shore community during pandemic

A complete stranger dropping off a gift basket of wine, snacks and other treats on one’s doorstep might have seemed peculiar only a few months ago, but in the days of the pandemic, it’s the new normal for some women.

Glen Cove teen starts dog walking, pet care business

Incoming Glen Cove High School freshman Aidan Waters will have quite a busy summer with his new business, “Aidan’s Dog Walking.” Through his business, 14-year-old Aidan will walk …

Carvel manager fired after refusing unmasked patron

Thomas DeSarle, of Locust Valley, is without a job after he refused service to a Glen Cove Carvel customer who was not wearing a mask as he coughed and paid with cash dampened with perspiration.


Congress should support local news

After responding to the coronavirus pandemic with several emergency relief measures, Congress will now have the opportunity to pass one that would protect your access to trustworthy local news, help grow local businesses through ads in local news media — and reward you for subscribing to a newspaper like the Herald.

Randi Kreiss

A letter of contention, and then civil discourse

I met Joan online last week when she sent me a letter reacting to my July 9-15 column, “We’re all in the room where it happened.” We exchanged notes, and I realized . . .


Monuments, memorials and memory

In the U.S. and in Europe, monuments, memorials and historic names are being removed from public places because of their associations with colonial expansion, racial bigotry and discriminatory public policy. In this country . . .


    Open tai chi class-forever tai chi!

    Saturday, August 8

    Tai Chi Class-all levels! Tai Chi and Qigong (deep breathing) have been proven to improve flexibility, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase stamina. Join us every Wednesday and Saturday to learn traditional Tai Chi and …

  • Bowling

    Saturday, August 8

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Our children have to go back to school

I have never been so happy for a school year to come to a close. It seemed like every second of remote learning played out like a vicious game of tug-of-war.


It’s time to un-pause Nassau County

The coronavirus will be with us for the foreseeable future. The shutdown we have been struggling with has been painful, inconvenient and sad. We have seen . . .