Sports Night with Hewlett Elementary School at Woodmere Middle School


Hewlett Elementary School second- and third-graders and their parents appeared to have a great deal of fun at the second annual Sports Night overwhelmingly approved by Principal Colleen O’Hara, happily sponsored by the HES PTA — Co-Presidents Rosalyn Perrotta and Elizabeth Tucker — and safely coordinated by Game Time coaches Peter Gatto and Kevin Olsen.

The 90-minute event on Feb. 13 encompassed a series of athletic activities that ranged from the old school Simon Says to DMV that had both adults and children either sitting on plastic roller coasters or pushing the passenger from one end of the Woodmere Middle School gymnasium to the other.

The parents looked to have just as much fun as the kids, turning two-sided cones over, hopping into Hula Hoops laying on the floor, then having to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to advance. There was also Bucket Head, tossing a bean bag into a bucket, standing inside a Hula Hoop and running back with the circular toy, along with Hula Pin Kick — running to the gym’s midline then kicking the hoop to knock down bowling pins.

Game Time, according to its mission statement, offers a developmentally appropriate learning and teaching environment and aims to enhance skills, strategy, teamwork, practice habits and sport knowledge.

The goal Game Time coaches said, is to create an atmosphere where children learn to become coachable, offer a broad spectrum of activities to engage the learning style of each child and provide a resource for schools, players, teams and programs to get the best out of their abilities.