LWA Antics

Respecting veterans and diverse cultures, revitalizing a lost event


This month at Lawrence Woodmere Academy, there have been a lot of festivities going on. Our first event was Valentine’s for Veterans, a program that had a middle-school class present Valentine’s Day cards for military veterans. The assembly emphasized the importance of giving cards for veterans because they need love too!

The school also celebrated Black History Month with a Motown-themed assembly followed by a luncheon hosted by the parents and members of the Black History Committee. At the assembly, the sounds of trumpet and piano melodies filled Hessel Hall as students learned how Motown influenced today’s music.

We heard and saw performances of the Jackson 5, the Marvelettes, the Supremes and many more. We learned how creativity shaped these iconic bands. People sang songs that came from the great Motown era, and the dance club performed. The assembly was the perfect opportunity for the entire school to come together and partake in vibrant soul music that had us up on our feet and dancing.

Later, the parents donated various trays of soul food that fed the lower, middle and upper school students. It is always one of the most popular luncheons of the school year. Everyone lined up and waited anxiously and excitedly to be get some food. Students enjoyed typical soul food fare such as corn bread and crispy fried chicken.

Another event that took place this month was the Fashion Show! For the first time in 19 years, LWA held a fashion show. Everyone involved in the show was very excited to be a part of it. The theme was New York Fashion Week, since both shows were held during the same week, Feb. 5-9.

The fashion show not only provided something unique, it also helped support small clothing businesses in the area. Just Beautiful Boutique, Infiniti and Terez donated most of the clothes. The boys wore clothes from Morton’s. The middle school was also involved in the fashion show, showcasing leggings from Lu La Roe. We wanted to make it a very memorable experience to make it a staple here at LWA.

Later this month, the school will celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is not only special for some of the international students that attend LWA, but it’s a special celebration for everyone. We learn more about the Chinese culture and enjoy musical performances, dances and singing.

Dovetailing with commemorating the Chinese New Year is the lower school’s

International Day. Each grade picks a country to study. The grade immerses themselves in the food, language and clothing of that nation. They learn the country’s traditions and history.

February at Lawrence Woodmere Academy is a month of creativity and learning about culture. We are welcoming new and old traditions that bring the community together.