Letter to the Editor

Proposed new library would be a jewel for Five Towns


Proposed new library would be a jewel for Five Towns

To the Editor: 

As regular readers and borrowers at the Peninsula Public Library, we care deeply about this precious resource and are excited about the proposed rebuild.

At a recent meeting of the Lawrence Association (“Rocky road for library,” Nov. 1-7), a few attendees expressed concerns about parking.

They should keep in mind that that an increase from 23 to 38 parking spots for the library is an increase of 65 percent — not to mention that street parking would still be there for library users, as is the case at the library’s current location.

As for commuter spots at the Lawrence Long Island Rail Road station, the planners rationally explained how the number of spots would not be impacted (and in fact would increase by two, from 162 to 164). Therefore, the current proposal would not be a threat to commuter parking.

Keeping the library on Central Avenue would keep it accessible by car, bike, bus and foot, and would help maintain Central Avenue’s position as a locus for public activity for Lawrence, Inwood and Cedarhurst.

A few attendees at the meeting wondered aloud about locating the library on Rock Hall Road. Such a location would result in a library that is physically hidden from the community, inhospitable to bicyclists and far from bus, train and foot traffic, especially for Inwood residents, who need the library as much as everyone else in the community.

As the overwhelmingly positive survey response from actual library users attests, the future library, as currently proposed, would be a jewel.

Many communities can’t even dream of having a beautiful and centrally located resource like this, and we should grab the opportunity with both hands.

Alex Dillon and Laura Maffei