Letter to the Editor

New Peninsula Public Library would be an invaluable investment


New library would be an invaluable investment

To the Editor:

The incorporated Village of Lawrence has plenty of parking for Long Island Rail Road commuters, “Rocky road for library,” Herald (Nov. 2-7.)

The village-owned lot between Doughty Boulevard and the LIRR is used as a commuter lot, and is by permit only. On any given workday, 2 percent of the lot is used. Other residents who live on Doughty Boulevard have parked their cars in the lot on occasion.

Peninsula Public Library needs a new site and expanded square footage. Even in the electronic age, the local public library is invaluable to families and individuals.

This is not the first time that a site has been selected and come under scrutiny. To be fair to those who live in the Lawrence School District in Woodmere, the Lawrence location by Zion Park would be central and accessible to all.

Elisa B. Hinken