Music and dancing at Davis Renov Stahler's Parent-Son Melave Malka


The entire Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High School for Boys family, rabbis, parents, and students gathered to honor the positive spirit of being Jewish at the Woodmere school’s 22nd annual Parent-Son Melave Malka on Feb. 9.

Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky stated in an email to the DRS community that the goal of the Melava Malka is to celebrate “the joy, fulfillment, and meaning that there is in being a Jew,” as well as to highlight the “positive Jewish energy that [the Yeshiva] strives to inculcate in it’s Talmidim (Torah scholars) with song, Torah commentaries, food and dancing.”

It began with singing in the prayer room led by Kaminetsky and the DRS student band. Parents and sons sang in unison, while videos highlighting school events from the year were shown.

Two sets of awards were presented to students: the Torah Growth Award was presented to the student in each Gemarah shiur who displayed special aptitude in his learning over the year, and the Midot Awards were given to a student in each grade who, when voted upon by his fellow classmates, was recognized as having the best and most refined values and character.

Rabbi Eli Brazil, Director of Student Activities, was honored for his more than 17 years of dedication and commitment to the yeshiva. Brazil has inspired hundred of students throughout his years at DRS, through his incredible programs,  student activities and chessed (kindness) opportunities he creates for the students. A video tribute was played in his honor and he was presented with an award for his dedication to the school. 

The melava malka continued in the gym, where the parents and students enjoyed a dairy buffet. Students, parents and the faculty then danced together for hours, and had what DRS officials described as “a meaningful and enjoyable evening.”