Less parking spaces, please


Parking in Cedarhurst is usually at a premium. The village has 11 municipal lots, seven of which have assigned permitted parking spaces. Lot No. 3, located between Willow Avenue and Chestnut Street is one of them.

Represented by Hewlett-based attorney Nicholas DeSibio, the owners of 553-555 Willow Ave., presented plans on July 2, to the village board that also functions as the planning board, to transform the two sites into office buildings. The village code requires 20 parking spots, based on the proposed building sizes, the submitted application is asking to cut that in half.

DeSibio said that when he observed Lot No 3., on two separate occasions, there were many empty spaces in the municipal lot across from the sites, so losing 10 spaces would not be a hardship for motorists looking for parking.

The Board of Zoning Appeals would entertain the variance. Officials said that the earliest the request would be heard late August or September. The board typically meets on the forth Thursday of the month.

—Tyler Marko