‘Icy hell’ offers time for inside fun


Brrrr. The weather was frigid! I’m not one for staying home but I find the iciness intolerable. I’ve decided I will hibernate here instead of my usual running around. For the 10 days from the end of December through the early days of January I’ve embarked on the unthinkable. Everything I love to do but never have time for is now being done.

It is easy for me to pass the day curled up with my favorite book but I rarely let myself indulge in unlimited chocolate and nuts, but voila … here I am chomping away with a big smile. I figure I will walk it off when the temperature goes back to normal, but for now, this is heaven! 

I’m calling all my friends who have wisely moved to Florida to tell them how lucky they are to be out of here. Brrr my voice quivers … you’re so lucky. They love hearing it and can’t wait for me to call them again. (People love hearing they are smart and made wise decisions.) 

I love when my friend, Merle, calls from Rockford, Il. She is out in her big Lexus SUV reminding me its -25º degrees out there. She is heroic. Nothing stops her from her errands and getting her nails done. It makes me happy to be here already. Zero is not as bad as -25º. I’ll ask her if she’s freezing and she tells me she can handle it. It’s true. She can handle anything. She’s amazing. 

I’m in my closet shopping for items bought years ago that I might still like and pretend that I’ve never seen them before. It’s like a trip to Marshalls without the long check out line. With my credit card safely in my wallet I can come up with new outfits. Mixing bags with belts, scarves and sweaters with hopefully dresses back in style are like a day at the mall.  

My recorded television has become homework. Catching up on each episode is now burdensome. In a moment of madness I erased it all and went cold turkey finding something new that interests me. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga on PBS was like being front row center on Broadway. I watched them perform with my favorite blanket, Trader Joe’s organic butternut squash soup and a roaring fireplace. It was a grand evening.

One sunless, gloomy afternoon I went through photos of my family from years ago. My parents, long gone, my kids when they were young and my husband and myself all dressed up for parties from the past. It was like going in a time machine reliving the moments snapped and captured forever on film. Weddings, kids play dates, Halloween costumes and scenes at the pool in Florida with my late parents. My kids splashing around in their water wings in an era long gone.

I’m sure so many of us are staying home, doing laundry, paperwork and everything we HAVE to do. Let’s celebrate this icy hell by doing things that give us a new look on life and a view of the past. Yes, this is a time when chocolate is allowed and I can do anything I want around my house.

Have fun! 

Stay warm!

Weinberger lives in North Woodmere.