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Hewlett resident creates organic Treo beverages


The son of one of the three founders of Snapple seeks to continue his father’s legacy by creating another innovative beverage.

Hewlett resident Bob Golden founded Treo Brands, a Westchester-based beverage company focused on plant-based hydration drinks, in 2017. He is the son of Hymie Golden. He died in 2008.

“Inspired by my dad’s love for making delicious drinks, I set out to create the next generation of healthy beverages,” Golden said on the company's website. “Together with a great team, we’ve crafted an organic fruit drink powered by organic birch water that’s low calorie, naturally hydrating, and totally delicious.”

In 1972, Golden’s father Hymie, uncle, Lennie Marsh, and their childhood friend Arnie Greenberg formed the Unadulterated Food Products Company and began selling natural fruit juices and sodas under the name L&A Juice Company. A few years later, they created a new family of natural iced teas and fruit drinks they named Snapple.

“Not only did they start a beverage revolution, they built perhaps the most loyal, passionate fans of all time,” Golden said. Thomas H. Lee, an American businessperson, financier and investor of Thomas H. Lee Partners acquired Snapple Beverages in 1992 from the three founders for reportedly more than $100 million.

The new Golden drink is described as a low calorie, organic-certified fruit beverage that is infused with hand-tapped Vermont birch water to enhance the sweetness, full flavor and nutrient benefits. It consists of four flavors — strawberry, blueberry, peach mango, coconut pineapple — each with only 10 calories per serving and packaged in a 16 oz. bottle.

Brian O’Byrne, Treo president and former CEO of YooHoo/Orangina, said that Treo is the first beverage to incorporate birch water sourced from United States birch trees, which are typically found in colder regions throughout the country.

“We worked closely with forestry experts affiliated with major universities in the Northeast to identify the best birch sources and ensure the tapping process was done in the most ecologically friendly manner” O’Byrne said. “We managed to create a really good tasting, flavorful, low-calorie, all-natural organic product that people seem to love.”

In addition to being in local and national supermarkets such as Stew Leonard’s, it is also available on Amazon.com and LuckyVitamin.com.

Golden hopes that people enjoy Treo’s taste and health benefits. “Treo is not only a super healthy beverage” he said, “It tastes delicious and hydrates you like nothing else.”