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Harary aims to inspire Brandeis students to be great


Brandeis middle school students heard from world-renowned public speaker Charlie Harary on Sept. 16. School officials said that Harary, a successful businessman and lawyer, captivated the attention of all the students and staff with an incredibly powerful story about a blind child who scored the game-winning foul shot for his high school basketball team. The story was told in his dramatic and dynamic fashion as he moved about and pointed at the students for emphasis.

He finished the story with a powerful pre-Rosh Hashanah message about the difference between “being good” and “being great.” Harary explained that you feel good when you do something good for yourself, but you feel great when you something good for someone else.

Haray implored everyone to think of how we can go out of our way for someone else, or show appreciation to those who care for us, such as our parents and teachers. He concluded to a loud round of applause, and it is believed that everyone walked away feeling inspired to “be great” and do for others. “Never settle to be good. You’re destined to become great,” was his overarching message to the students at Jewish Day School in Lawrence.