Five Towns Letters to the Editor


Herald story goes viral

To the Editor:

I want to thank you for the tremendous job the Herald did on “Running past her obstacles” (Nov. 15-21).

I think it turned out fantastic. It is all over Facebook. I also sent the story to my sister, who also has a special-needs child (autism), and she is posting it on a special ed. Facebook page.

She told me that she thinks this story will truly inspire many special-needs families.

Thanks again, and great job.

Pat McQuillan

Lawrence phys. ed. coordinator

Hoping her daughter’s story inspires others

To the Editor:

Thanks so much to the Herald for that amazing article, “Running past her obstacles.”

I appreciate your putting my daughter’s struggle and success in words. I cried every time I read it (tears of joy, of course). I hope this gives light to many, not just people with disabilities, but also those seeking courage and confidence.

Thank you!

Stephanie Suarez