Cleaning up North Woodmere


On June 22, several people, including a few North Woodmere residents spent a couple of hours from 5 to 5 p.m. cleaning up behind the locked fence on Park Lane, by Rosedale Road, opposite Jewel Drive, and around the corner from the Key Food shopping center on Rosedale Road.

Bob Feldman, his wife Amie and daughters Lauren and Carli, and Steven Kaufman, Mark Piccirillo, David Shereck, Ernie Schultz, Stu Trotsky and others collected more than 60 bags of debris. Nassau County donated the trash bags, rakes and gloves.

Feldman explained why: “Because life is a participation sport, and it feels good to do good … and you all know I am a fan of feeling good “After a few hours, we were spent and backs were aching, but we were thrilled with what was accomplished, despite there being much we didn’t get to,” Bob said.

On Saturday morning, after playing 2 1/2 hours of tennis, and given that the weather prevented it from being a “beach day,” Bob, Lauren and Carli, returned and finished up.

Feldman is looking to put together a volunteer group. Please email with your contact information that will be forwarded to him.