Winning by losing at AB Fitness Center


AB Fitness Center in East Meadow recently lauded three of its clients who won its weight loss challenge.

Anthony Bevilacqua, a personal trainer for 15 years, began working with clients in his East Meadow garage five years ago before opening a storefront gym on East Meadow Avenue.

They three started seeing an influx of clients and, once the space was booked to capacity, they invested in their own storefront. Bevilacqua, who has a degree in nutrition from Queens College, incorporates lessons on healthy eating into the services he provides to his clients.

When it comes to nutrition, Bevilacqua emphasizes lifestyle changes that allow clients to kick bad habits as opposed to diets that remove one whole nutrient.

“We want our clients to make lasting, healthy changes,” he said.

In third place of the weight loss challenge was Duddley Francois, who was also AB Fitness Center’s client of the month back in November. In 30 days he lost

3.8 percent body fat and 17 overall inches. He won an upgrade to his membership.

In second place was Maritza, who lost 4.9 percent body fat and 18 inches. She won a gift certificate to Cryo Health and an upgrade to her membership.

And in first place was Clinton Grant, who was referred by his wife Kari-Lee Grant.

Grant lost a total of 6.9 percent body fat and 19 inches. He walked away with $500 and an upgrade to his membership.