Police: Two men arrested in Salisbury double stabbing


Police arrested two men after a fight broke out around 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning outside a Salisbury home, leaving one victim with puncture wounds to the chest and another with a laceration to his face and a fractured jaw.

Five men were gathered inside a Pleasant Avenue home when a verbal argument began between two of them who went outside and continued fighting, according to police.

The argument grew physical and one man punched the other, Saul Zavata, 44, of Salisbury, in the face. A third man, Jose Israel Bonilla, 34, of Salisbury, came outside to break up the fight when Zavata lunged at the other with a large kitchen knife and stabbed Bonilla in the chest.

Bonilla took the knife and threw it at Zavata, lacerating his face. Zavata and Bonilla were sent to a local hospital, where they were arrested and charged with second-degree assault. They will be arraigned when medically practical.

The third man involved in the fight was not apprehended, police said, and the investigation is ongoing.