Police: Ex-cop from East Meadow charged for exposing himself to two women


A former Nassau County police officer from East Meadow was arrested for exposing himself to women on two separate occasions, police said. He was arraigned at the Nassau County First District Court Oct. 10.

According to Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder, an investigation revealed that Richard Furboter, 55, a former Second Precinct officer, had exposed himself to a woman at Eisenhower Park. The woman was cleaning a window in the bathroom at the park’s Field 4 on Sept. 12 around 1:15 p.m., when Furboter approached her from behind and exposed himself to her, police said.

Further investigation revealed that, on June 25 around 9 a.m., Furboter exposed himself to another woman working at Eisenhower near its John F. Kennedy memorial.

Furboter, who was off-duty at the time of both incidents, is facing charges of two counts of public lewdness and two counts of exposure of a person. He was arrested on Oct. 3 and immediately suspended, without pay, from his position. Three days later, he retired from the role, which he has held since 1994. Ryder said that he is holding Furboter’s $150,000 severance check.

Ryder admitted that the police department should have notified the public earlier, speaking at a news conference on Oct. 10 — a week after arresting Furboter. However, he said, the investigation was underway amid another case involving the rape of a woman in Freeport. “I had every single cop working on that case,” he said. “Not to make an excuse, the release should have gone out.”

Ryder added that he is repulsed by Fuboter’s actions. “I’m disgusted by it,” he said. “I’m not only disgusted by it, the entire department is disgusted by it. Our cops work hard, they come to work to do their job every day. They’re honorable men and women who go out and serve the people of Nassau County.”

The investigation is ongoing and, Ryder said, if there are any other victims “we want them to come forward. They will be protected.”