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Bouncing to fall

Freeport Memorial Library host full day of festivities


As he grabbed the blue and green hula-hoops, Hector Santiago, 6, encouraged his younger sister Liv, 4, to play with a red one.

“I dare you to hula with both at the same time,” Liv said with a laugh.

Up for the challenge, Hector stepped into the hula-hoops and swiveled his waist. As Hector danced strategically with both hoops, Liv clapped in excitement.

“You did it!” she yelled, impressed by her big brother’s hula skills.

Children between ages 2 and 10 were seen running around the Freeport Memorial Library parking during the Fall Fest on Sept. 29. While some opted to play with hula-hoops, others bounced until their heart’s content in one of the two bounces.

“This is so nice,” Hector and Liv’s grandmother, Adela Santiago said. “It’s so nice because people [get to meet each other] and we get to find other things the library offers the community.”

The Pichardo family — Julian, Amy and mom, Yohany’s time at the Fall Fest transformed into a family day of fun activities and a mini-reunion with classmates and neighbors.

“Amy just started Bayview Avenue School,” Yohany said. “She misses her friends from Columbus Avenue School and today she was able to see them.”

According to Yohany, its events like the Fall Fest that fosters unity in the community and essential to getting to know a little bit of everyone.

“It makes me so happy [to see them so involved],” Yohany said as she watched her children playing with other Freeport children.

“It’s times like today that I feel like they’re starting to do things on their own, and [becomoing] their own little person.”